Our First Year Encounters sessions document your little one from newborn to their first birthday smash!





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This package includes their first debut as a newborn, best photographed between 5-20 days old. Then again at 4 months when they are staring to roll, and lift their heads. Then at 8 months when they begin to start eating soft foods and sitting unassisted. And then for their first birthday smash at 12 months!

Cake smash sessions are custom made for each of our clients.

Cake is not included.

We order through our baker to match the theme. Cakes range from $25 -$45

First Year Encounters Package $1425 (4 sessions) 

$50 due when booking

$550 due 3 days before newborn session

$325 due 3 days before 4 month session

$275 due 3 says before 8 month session

$225 due 3 days before 12 month session

Your newborn session is a Premier newborn that includes parent and siblings

Your 4 & 8 month sessions include just baby

Your 12 month cake smash session includes just baby

The newborn session includes 30 hi-resolution images, 4 & 8 month session includes 15 hi-resolution images, and the cake smash includes 30 hi-resolution images.




Price subject to change without notice.

All packages are subject to 3.2% Colorado Springs Sales Tax.