Cradling Dreams: E-book

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dream of working with adorable babies?

Open a Newborn Photography Business
and Make it Possible!



Because you deserve it.why invest?
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Setting up your newborn photography business can feel overwhelming. If you need a step-by-step guide to navigate everything from selecting a name, legal requirements in your state, website setup, to understanding the essentials for a successful newborn photography business, you're in the right place.


The Cradling Dreams e-book is designed to assist you in establishing a successful photography business efficiently. Time is valuable, so why struggle through the process alone when we have laid out all the information here for you to propel your business forward swiftly!


In this ebook we focus on the details and processes you need to implement to not only become a legit business, but a detailed map to keep the momentum going as you embark on your journey of a successful newborn photographer.


Topics of Focus are:

The power behind a name: unraveling the secrets behind a great business name


Mastering the Art of Establishing and Legalizing Your Business

* Sales Tax


The Imperative Importance of Insurance

* Insurance



Website, SEO and Effective Social Media Presence


Exploring the Business Side of your Venture

* Pricing and Cost

of Doing Business

* Contracts,

Policies, CRM,

and Banking



* Camera, Lights,


* Lens Options

* Lighting

* Strobes &


* Accessories

* Posers and

Posing Aids

* Props


Editing Software


Words of Wisdom: Things I wish I knew then, that I know now







What to Expect Freebie!



Assist your clients in being well-prepared for their sessions! These tips will not only ensure a smooth session but also alleviate any anxiety your clients may have about what to expect.


You will receive an online gallery within 24 hours of your session, where you will be able to choose the images you can't live without! Images that are selected will be fully edited and delivered for digital download straight to your computer to share and print at your leisure.


Our digital collections start at $790.

fine art prints & products are available a la carte.


Due to limited spots we have available, no date will be held unless its officially booked by paying the session retainer of $200.


All sessions are subject to 4.71% Hawaii state sales tax.

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