Precious Encounters Photography is Hawaii's premier luxury boutique studio specializing in maternity, newborn, babies, children, cake smash, and family photography.


We understand that as busy parents, capturing and cherishing your precious memories can be challenging, that's why we style, plan and have everything you need for your session with us.


When we document these fleeting moments, it's something special that you can look back on and cherish for years to come.


From the anticipation of your baby bump to their first birthday, we want to be part of your family's legacy.

You just need to arrive with baby

and we handle everything else.

  • Studio locations in Hilo and Honolulu
  • Wardrobe options for parents & children
  • Thorough prep guides to answer every question
  • Variety of props & backdrops
  • Heirloom printed products designed and printed for you


this little againthey will never be,

"From the moment we stepped into her studio, she made us feel welcome and at ease. She effortlessly brought my vision for the photoshoot to life, capturing each moment with precision and beauty. Every detail was executed flawlessly, resulting in timeless and precious photographs that I will cherish forever. The quality of the entire experience was exceptional and worth every penny."

What's Next?

Each type of session is uniquely suited to your family's stage of life.


Choose a page below to learn more about pricing, what's included, and to see more photos.

With our extensive experience in studio photography and working with babies, we can help guide you through the planning process to create the exact photo experience that fits your family.


You will feel prepared, confident, and pampered as we guide you through the process from planning, using established techniques to soothe or entertain your baby, and help you design heirloom art for your home from your finished photos.

but oh so fleetingChildhood is the most beautiful

of all of life's seasons

Why Choose Us?

Full Service Studio

At Precious Encounters Photography, we understand the challenges busy parents face when it comes to capturing and cherishing precious memories.


With two private, commercial studios in Hilo (Big Island) and Honolulu (Oahu), Precious Encounters Photography is a full-service baby portrait studio. We specialize in creating custom portraits that become cherished family heirlooms. Our goal is to work closely with you to ensure that your memories are presented in a way that captures their true emotion and spirit.


To provide the highest quality of service, Precious Encounters Photography only accepts a limited number of sessions per month. We serve only 1-2 clients per day to provide our clients with the quality experience they deserve.


All our sessions are held in climate-controlled studios, ensuring a comfortable environment for you and your little ones.


Props Galore!

At our studio, you'll find a plethora of props, backdrops, outfits, and more! We pride ourselves on making the process of creating timeless portraits easy and stress-free. With our wide selection of props, we can create unique and beautiful portraits that reflect your personal style and vision.


Newborn photography safety is of utmost importance to ensure the well-being and comfort of the baby. We maintain a warm environment as newborns are sensitive to temperature changes. Our studios are comfortably warm to keep the baby cozy.


We only use safe props and accessories, and ensure they are safe, clean, and free from any sharp edges.


Certain poses, such as those requiring the baby to balance on their own or be placed in potentially unsafe positions, will not be done in our studio. The baby's safety should always take precedence over getting a specific shot. Poses where you see baby resting in their hands is done with a composite, where hands are ALWAYS on baby and removed in post processing. We will never force a pose. All baby’s mold and pose differently. Baby’s run our session and we let them for baby safety.


Michelle Taylor is a higley sought after Hawaii newborn, maternity and child portrait photographer. She has two studio locations for your convenience. One is downtown Hilo and downtown Honolulu! Michelle has been published in magazines, such as the Ana Brandt Belly | Baby Wear Multiples Issue and is on her way to being published internationally.

Michelle is a wife to her partner in crime and assistant Aaron, and a mom to three wonderful adult children. She completely understands how fleeting these moments truly are! When you look at an image created by Precious Encounters Photography, Michelle wants you to remember the experience and personal attention of a custom portrait photographer.

Locations In:

Honolulu, hawaii

212 Merchant St

suite 320

honolulu, hi 96813

Hilo, hawaii

58 kino'ole st

suite 102

hilo, hi 96720